Financing Your New Home

Tips for meeting with a lender and local lender contact information.

The Essentials
Be sure to bring the following items:

  • Social Security Numbers/Cards
  • Driver’s License or State ID
  • Purchase Agreement & any Addendums
  • Payment for Credit Report, Application Fees, & Appraisal
  • Residence addresses for past two years
  • Name & Address of each employer
  • Pay Stubs for the last 30 consecutive days (include Gross Monthly Salary if not listed on stub)
  • Federal Income Tax Returns, Schedules, & W-2’s for the last two years

Have all of your Financial/Banking Information:

  • Names, Addresses, Account Numbers, Balance, & Amount due for Monthly Payments for all Open Loans, Credit Cards, etc.
  • Name & Address of Landlord or Mortgage payment book
  • Addresses & Loan information of other Real Estate owned
  • Checking & Savings Account Statements for the last three months
  • Statements for any 401K’s, retirement accounts, IRA’s, CD’s, mutual funds, stocks, or other investments for the last three months
  • Estimated Value of Personal Property, Furniture, Etc. (Receipts may be helpful)

Additional Possibilities
Bring the following items if applicable:

  • Complete Divorce Decree with Separation Agreement
  • Bankruptcy papers including all schedules discharge
  • Certificate of Eligibility or DD214’s (V.A. only)
  • If Self-Employed, see your loan officer for requirements (You may need Tax Returns for the past two years, all schedules, & financial statements)

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Lenders: Contact Info

As a courtesy, we have compiled a list of lenders to help you get started, although you should feel free to choose a lender other than those listed below. The lenders included here are willing to pre-qualify or pre-approve you for a mortgage!

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Howard Hanna Mortgage
Doug Mainzer

Office: 330.725.4137
Mobile: 216.214.8983[/column]

[column size=half position=last]

New Rez
Tim Rhodes
Office: 330.662.0191
Mobile: 330.475.3539[/column]

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Howard Hanna Mortgage
Michele Lux
Office: 330.846.3330
Mobile: 330.697.0204[/column]

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Third Federal Savings & Loan
Don Haag
Office: 330.721.4593
Mobile: 330.730.1222

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Cross Country Mortgage
Andrew Matkovic
Office: 440.262.3556
Mobile: 440.667.0238[/column]

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Mobile App:

Howard Hanna offers a mobile app that can give you instant access to handy mortgage tools.

Download the app here.

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The choice of a professional service provider is made solely at the discretion of the party retaining the service provider, who must make diligent inquiry regarding the type and quality of services to be received. Howard Hanna and its REALTORS® make no warranties, guarantees, or representations as to the foregoing professional service providers, nor the quality of service or goods to be furnished.]]>