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Do you want to simplify the process of shopping for a home? Create a “Must-Have” List! A “Must-Have” list, as the name implies, spells out exactly what you must have in order to be satisfied with a home. For example, if you must have four bedrooms to accommodate your family, place that item at the top of your list. If you must have two bathrooms to eliminate before school squabbles, include this on your list. Other must-haves might include easy access to major highways, airports, hospitals, or a grocery store within easy walking distance.

Once you have created your list, you can then create a companion list of definite disqualifiers. Create “Must-Not Have” List Perhaps you are adamantly opposed to a house with a pool because you would be terrified that you toddler would wander to the pool while you are not looking. Or perhaps you are a clothes-aholic who has lived in an older home with barely visible closets and have sworn in your next home, every bedroom would feature walk-in storage space. Keep both lists handy at all times during your house hunt and feel free to inform us of any items on your lists. When a house measures up to your “Must-Have” requirements, yet features several items from your list of automatic disqualifiers, you can abandon all thought of buying it.

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Lists give you focus on what can be a confusing process.

Even though there are many ways to qualify to buy a home, make sure the monthly mortgage payment fits comfortably within your budget. A qualified loan officer can sit down with you and design a mortgage program that best suits your specific needs. Of course, such a large-scale investment warrants caution. Be sure to talk to The Wilson Powers Team, to ease your concerns. The Wilson Powers Team will explain the ins and outs of home-buying and provide you with options that best suit your needs.


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